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Nubi Delivery Service

Nubi is a first of a kind fast, luxury food delivery service. No dining in. We specialize in pre-ordered meals that are cooked minutes before leaving for delivery.

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Open 365 days

We are open every day of the year. Order your meals for the desired days and we'll be sure to deliver on time!


We use only the freshest vegetables from our local farms. Our meats have no added hormones or antibiotics.

Plan Ahead

Got a busy day or a busy week ahead of you? Plan ahead and have your meals / diners taken care of. Order now!



The Basic Plan, help get started and prepare for great food.

1 Meal

Order 8am-12pm

Free Delivery


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Best Value


The Pro Plan, the best overall value you can get.

1 meal 5x/week

24/7 Ordering

Free Delivery


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Go Premium, make prepping easy.

2 meals 5x/week

24/7 ordering

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